Laois African Support Group: WHO ARE THEY?

26 Mar

The Laois African Support Group has 4 member committee:

Chairperson - Bolaji Adeyanju

Bolaji Adeyanju is originally from Nigeria and have been in Ireland for about 14yrs he moved to Lois 3 years ago 2017 from Dublin. known for his work in the Laois minority groups, He is also a member of the secretariat in the PPN representing Social Inclusion. He is passionate about making an impact in his community and believes its time Africans make a positive impact on the community by getting involved in activities and creating a better co Laois,  Bolaji  has a full time job and is married to Sandra, they are both blessed with 4 kids and they still manage to work for the community.

Secretary - Sia Fayiah

Sia Fayiah is a hard working enthusiastic lady. Sia was raised in Laois attended her primary and secondary school in the same town before moving to Dublin to further her education and now back  in Co. Laois. Sia has a vast entrepreneurial and creative skills . She works in her fitness studio and runs other businesses under AVNEL ENTERPRISE which includes an online Cleaning Company, Fitness Apparels, Website Developer, Primary and Secondary School Grinds, amongst other business ventures. She is also involved in community works across Ireland and was originally from Liberia. She has a mothers empowerment foundation in Liberia where she empowers and motivates single mothers., Sia  is also blessed with 2 beautiful kids 

Public Admin - Sandra Adeyanju

Sandra Adeyanju originally from Nigeria, Have spent most of her life in Ireland and was living in Dublin until 3 years ago, Married to Bolaji, Sandra like most African women is hard working, idealistic and a community based person. Sandra is blessed with 4 kids and is still Studying Child Care, She is the CEO of Sandzboutique that offers Quality Vintage Dresses at affordable prices for all special occasions, Please visit her Facebook page 

Resource Officer - Samson Osunmmah

Samson Osummah  originally from Nigeria,   

Youth Coordinator - Abisola Idris

Abisola Idris  originally from Nigeria, 

Together, we are committed to make our community great while working with youths motivating and empowering them for a better tomorrow.

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